Bad girls do good, dolled up as Santas

In the spirit of giving, they give out $4 MTA cards

Bad girls do good, dolled up as Santas 1In these times, doing good is very much in fashion in New York as the holiday shopping season cranks up, and that spirit put teams of Santa look-alikes, save the white hair and reindeer, onto its streets with a thoughtful gift for New Yorkers in their time of need.

That time of need is not just the bum economy but word that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering raising subway fares from $2 to $2.50.

So the women spent two days last week handing out 1,000 $4 MTA cards to pedestrians, along with mittens and cups of coffee, near the city’s busiest transportation hubs.

The women were on the streets to promote the third season premiere of “Bad Girls Club,” which aired last Tuesday, Dec. 2. The costumes, quite in season, got attention, as certainly did the thoughtful gifts, in a way that handing out show information would not have, though they did hand that out too.

“We had a brainstorm between our marketing and press teams, and thought it would be a good idea given the timing of the launch,” says Jane Olson, senior vice president of marketing at Oxygen. “Everyone has a little bad girl in them, or knows a bad girl. But bad girls aren’t all bad, they can be good too.”

The teams worked Herald Square, Fifth Avenue, Times Square and Union Square. About 807,000 tuned in to the episode, making it the most-watched season premiere in the network’s history.

That was on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Friday teams of elves wearing Santa hats passed out thousands of $25 gift cards to Lord & Taylor, redeemable through Dec. 10, appearing at Grand Central, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Plaza, among other locations.

Bad girls do good, dolled up as Santas 2

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