The Best HDTV Shipping Fail Story You Will Ever Read

They might have well-used bricks and bowling balls for padding.

How NOT to Ship a HDTV

Do you need to mail an HDTV? Please do the exact OPPOSITE of what you see here. This story is likely the best HDTV shipping fail story of all time. The person who packed and shipped this TV must have been a professional… idiot. They might as well just used bricks and bowling balls for padding. For future reference, here’s how NOT to ship an HDTV.

A Strange Package Arrives At Repair Center With An HDTV

A third party electronics repair center got a large and strange-looking package in the mail. They were shocked to discover what was inside the box. An HDTV?! The photos below were taken for insurance purposes.

minted methodshop
Interesting. How often do you see a cardboard box with “curves”?
Where are the corners of this “box”?
THat's a lot of tape.
Wow! That’s a lot of packing tape.
minted methodshop
Someone spent a lot of time cutting and taping a box for this project.
minted methodshop
Oh, that poor screen.
minted methodshop
minted methodshop
Can TV’s get “road rash”?

NERD NOTE: HDTV technology was first introduced in the US during the 1990s by a group of electronics companies called the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance.

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