Crystal Meth Makeover – Strangely, Sometimes You Can Get Hotter!?

Crystal Meth Makeovers

Crystal Meth is a very nasty drug. Besides a series of mental symptoms, like paranoia, anger, anxiety, and aggression, Crystal Meth will also physically tear your body apart from the inside out. One of the most obvious signs that someone is using crystal meth is giant open facial sores or skin abscesses. But apparently, sometimes a crystal meth makeover can make you hotter?!

Crystal Meth Makeover?!

Here’s a series of mugshots showing the physical changes that happen to your body after prolonged crystal meth use. Almost everyone in these photos has clearly taken a turn for the worse… except one.

crystal meth makeovers
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Crystal meth makeovers?! Maybe we’re on to something. We’d love to see Brian Balthazar produce a Crystal Meth Makeover TV segment with Wendy Williams¬†or the TODAY Show.

What Is Crystal Meth?

Crystal methamphetamine, or crystal meth for short, is a white crystalline drug that directly affects the nervous system. It can be crushed and snorted through the nose, smoked or injected using a needle.

Crystal Meth Effects

Crystal meth is highly addictive and temporarily results in a burst of energy and a sense of confidence and happiness that can last from 6-24 hours.

Physical Side Effects & Signs That Someone Is Using Crystal Meth

Physical side effects include permanent brain damage, tremors, and decreased appetite. But some of the most obvious signs that someone is using crystal meth are the large meth sores or meth mites and orange leathery skin. The drug reduces blood flow and prevents your body from repairing itself. As a result, most users will develop large blister sores on their face and leathery, off-colored skin tones.

NERD NOTE: Some men and women are drawn to Crystal Meth because extreme weight loss is one of the initial side effects. However, user weight loss is not permanent. After regular use, your body becomes accustomed to the effects of Crystal Meth and you’ll actually start to experience weight gain.

Crystal Meth Addiction Help

In all seriousness, if you or someone you know is suffering from Crystal Meth drug addiction, please get help now.

Help! Make Me Unsee These Meth Photos!

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