The iTunes App store is thriving

The iTunes App store is thriving 1Charles Teague over at DragonStyle has done some interesting research on the iTunes app store which highlights the tremendous growh the iTunes app store is experiencing. The following charts are reproduced with permission, and encapsulate all applications currently available in the iTunes app store.

There are currently over 9000 apps available for sale in the iTunes store, and there are no indications of it slowing down anytime soon. There have been some recent reports indicating that the number of available applications have surpassed 10,000, but MacRumors correctly points out that the actual number of available applications is closer to 9,700, a discrepancy caused by applications that have subsequently been removed by Apple from the app store.

The iTunes App store is thriving 2

Nearly 25% of all applications are free, which if you do the math, equates to over 2000 free applications for users to choose from. And while some of those freebies might be crap, a good number of them are extremely popular and include apps such as Pandora, Google Earth, and Shazam. Moreover, all of the top downloaded applications are free, and Teague noted that “the most popular paid application is #48 on the list of all of the most popular applications.”

The iTunes App store is thriving 3

With respect to pricing, the vast majority of paid apps are $.99 and interestingly enough, there are actually more applications for $.99 than there are free ones. The average selling price of an app in the app store is $3.21, and the average price of paid apps is a tad higher at $4.15.

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