How To Rescue Your iPod from a Fall into the Toilet [tutorial]

How To Save Your iPod or iPhone from a Toilet [tutorial]

Over the years, we’ve gotten a bowl-load of these “Help! I dropped my iPod in the toilet!” emails from readers looking for help. It’s an epidemic!

minted methodshopHere’s a sample: “Yes, it really happened, and I’d rather not go into it right now. It was submerged in water for 3-4 seconds, and now the screen is on and not responding. It’s making a little sound like it’s still running.

I tried opening it but couldn’t get the case open except for a corner. SOMEONE HELP! 15GB new iPod. What a shame.”

This is such a common problem that we’ve created a rather gross iPod toilet graphic (see above) and made a special “iPod Toilet Trap” tech support page. If you’ve dropped your iPod in the toilet, then this page might prove very useful.

For those of you who haven’t dropped your iPod in the toilet yet, try not to take your iPod in the bathroom. If you really need to hear music, try singing the next time you are in the shower.