World’s First 240GB iPod

Bad iPod Won't Sync

minted methodshop

Apparently the R&D department at Rapid Repair has been busy. When they aren’t repairing broken iPods from users (Rapid Repair is our repair partner), they are cramming insane amounts of storage into iPods. Their latest success is the creation of a 240GB iPod.

“The mod is actually very simple to do on a 5th gen iPod. And with a 240GB iPod you can finally carry your entire $57,667.50 iTunes library” Rapid Repair CEO Ben Levy said in an email to us today.

Ready to do the upgrade? What model iPod do you have? Unfortunately the Toshiba’s MK2431GAH 240GB drive is only compatible with the iPod Video 5G and original iPod Video (30GB, 60GB and 80GB ONLY). Rapid Repair hopes to add the iPod Classic and Zune 2G to the compatible list very soon.

How much does all this cost? About $1 a GB. You can find out more on this page on the Rapid Repair website.