WTF – Girl Scout Cookies and Wolf Urine [pic]

sexy girl scoutsReady for your WTF moment of the day? Go to and do a search for “girl scout cookies.”

It seems like an innocent enough search phrase right? What would you except to find after searching for “girl scout cookies”? Maybe some Girl Scouts related merchandise and perhaps some cookies? Nope. How about slutty adult Girl Scout outfits, vaginal surgical instruments and a 32 oz. bottle of wolf urine?

Go ahead and give it a try – Search:girl scout cookies

Hopefully someone at will see this blog post and fix the search results soon. Last year we saw a similar incident where Barack Obama Halloween masks were listed on if you searched for the phrase “terrorist costume.” Thankfully quickly stepped in and fixed that.

Here’s a screenshot of the page just in case the search page is fixed before you read this article:

wolf urine