A fisherman and his dog thought they had found a nice quiet place to park their boat and cast their reel. But apparently, the spot was already claimed by a crazy Canada Goose with a major bias towards Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. WARNING: This goose attack video might be upsetting to dog owners.

Canada Goose vs Labrador Retriever

Moments after pulling into their quiet fishing spot, the psycho goose jumps into the boat and starts attacking. In an attempt to save his dog, the fisherman places the goose on a nearby dock. But then the goose just jumps back into the boat and resumes its dog attack.

In just 2 minutes, the fisherman has to forcefully remove the goose 7 times from his boat. Unfortunately, the poor dog gets the brunt of the bullying. Realizing that the goose won’t stop attacking his dog, the fisherman has to flee the area and races away from the goose in his boat in order to outrun their feathered attacker.

Goose Attack Video Popularity

A video of this goose attack incident has already become a hit on YouTube and was even featured on the American TV show Inside Edition.

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