HP Mini Netbook Unboxing

    HP Mini Netbook Unboxing 1When was the last time you got excited for a laptop? Pull down your pants and say hello to the HP Mini Netbook. Slender, lightweight, and ultramobile, the HP Mini represents a convenient alternative to carrying your primary laptop everywhere you go. Need to write a blog at a trade show or a press conference? Thinking about bringing a computer with you on vacation? Does your back hurt? Finding a reason to own a cute light-weight netbook isn’t hard.

    Cute is one thing, but what about functionality? True to its “netbook” name, the HP Mini makes getting on the ‘Net easy. Besides having a great built-in WiFi antenna, Ethernet port and Bluetooth, an optional 3G broadband wireless capability enables basic Internet access from almost anywhere with cell phone coverage.

    We had a camera handy and took some HP Mini unboxing photos. Here’s how it went…

    HP Mini Netbook Unboxing 2
    HP Mini Netbook Unboxing 3