Wanted: Weapons of Fate in DVD, Blu-ray crossover

Videos have codes that unlock videogame featuresWanted: Weapons of Fate in DVD, Blu-ray crossover 1

When Universal Studios releases its Wanted: Weapons of Fate videogame on March 24, in-the-know consumers will refer back to the Wanted DVD or Blu-ray Disc for extended game play.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s Dec. 2 video releases feature 10 secret codes, hidden among the menu screen and/or bonus features, that unlock new portions of the game. The codes—eight of which reside within both the DVD and Blu-ray editions, with two additional ones solely in the Blu-ray version—open up a new character, access enhanced weaponry and exclusive game modes, among other options.

Additionally, the game hooks back into the DVD/Blu-ray Wanted. When an embedded code in the game is entered into the movie disc’s menu screen, a special featurette starring Wanted lead James McAvoy will be revealed.

Universal did not aggressively promote this game-movie cross-over when Wanted bowed on DVD and Blu-ray last year because the game, initially planned to release at the same time as the DVD, was delayed until March.

Universal’s DVD unit didn’t comment about the timing issues with the Wanted products. However, the studio still sees the titles as a break-through in cross-platform collaboration.

“Universal saw an exclusive opportunity to creatively intensify Wanted fans’ entertainment experience by crafting a code program that essentially is designed to drive film and game enthusiasts from the Blu-ray and DVD releases to the game and back,” said Hilary Hoffman, the studio’s senior VP of brand and digital marketing. “By bridging these two platforms, we effectively extend the marketing window for the film’s DVD and Blu-ray releases, substantially enhance game play and enable fans to unlock even more bonus content for one of their favorite films.”

The game is distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate in DVD, Blu-ray crossover 2
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