World’s Most Admired Companies: General Electric

Top 50 rank: 9
Rank in Electronics: 1 (Previous rank: 1*)
Overall score: 7.44

Why it’s admired
GE had to go to Warren Buffett for a $3 billion infusion, after the credit crunch hit its finance unit, GE Capital, hard. Since then, the conglomerate has scrambled to hold on to its Triple-A credit rating. Its stock slid 56% last year. It’s cutting its hefty 31-cent quarterly dividend to 10 cents. And CEO Jeff Immelt took a 28% pay cut and asked for no bonus for 2008. But GE’s diverse businesses – which range from wind turbines to medical imaging devices to TV network NBC – should help the behemoth weather the storm. After all, that’s what we expect from one of the oldest companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. –A.A.

World's Most Admired Companies: General Electric 1
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