Tekkeon NavDock for iPod – Review

    Tekkeon NavDock for iPod - Review 1

    Tekkeon‘s NavDock is a home media center all wrapped up into an iPod dock. The NavDock lets you navigate your iPod through an on-screen menu to play videos, photos, and music on a connected standard definition television.

    Tekkeon NavDock for iPod - Review 2NavDock browses directly through your iPod menus, so finding and playing music and videos is easy. And you can use the 16-button remote to adjust or mute volume, shuffle, repeat or skip songs, and fast forward or rewind through music or videos. The remote offers a 5-way navigation pad and quick keys that you jump directly to the videos, photos, music, or settings menus.

    And the damn thing isn’t even that expensive. But it’s also not perfect. If you want to connect your iPod to your TV, should you splurge and get an Apple TV, buy a cheap $5 AV iPod cable or get the NavDock? Let’s find out.