Geek Dad – Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel: Toddler Edition

Geek Dad - Dos and Don'ts of Air Travel: Toddler Edition 1

Having recently returned from a trip across the country, I’ve encountered lots of tantruming children and desperate parents. Though this time I went solo, I thought I would share some suggestions for making travel less torture, especially with toddlers. While it’s impossible to predict any one trip, here are some dos and don’ts for your next family adventure.

Don’t overpack. What is it with this notion that to travel with your kids you need eighteen carry-ons and four diaper bags? Yes, unexpected things can happen, but if you overburden yourself with baggage, you’ll have less hands available for your kids. And you know what? No toy, gadget, doohickey or snack comes close to your presence for your kid.

Don’t forget to check your stroller at the gate. Most flights require that you bring your stroller to the front desk for a tag, so they can stow it for you during your flight. People tend to forget this, and then there’s chaos at the gate as you’re boarding. By the same token, don’t bring your gargantuan Maclaren; opt for a smaller, lighter model for easy carrying.

Don’t freak out. It’s terrifying when your kid is the one screaming on the plane and won’t stop. No amount of preparation can prevent the unexpected, but a moody, defensive parent does nothing to quell your upset child’s tantrum.

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