TwittaRound: Augmented Reality Twitter App

Are you ready for augmented reality Twitter?!

TwittARound: Augmented Reality TwitterImagine being at an outdoor event or concert and being able to see what people were tweeting about all around you. That’s the concept behind TwittARound.

TwittARound is an augmented reality Twitter viewer for the iPhone. It shows live tweets around your location in realtime. TwittARound is still in beta, but it looks very interesting. Michael Zöllner, a developer from Germany, created the app.

Because augmented reality requires access to a smartphone’s built in compass, you’ll need an iPhone 3GS or better to use TwittARound.

Still not sure what this “Twitter” thing is all about? This tutorial might shed some light on your dilemma: How to Explain Twitter to Your Grandma.