How To Install Twitter on a Commodore 64 Computer [video]

Twitter's Original Blueprint [pic]

minted methodshopGet ready for some 1980s computing to meet Web 2.0. A guy named Johan Van den Brande has made a Twitter client for Commodore 64 (C64).

The C64 was first introduced by Commodore in August 1982. It was a revolutionary computer and boosted the best graphics and sound capabilities of its time. The C64 had 64KB of RAM, a 985Khz processor and could display screen resolutions as high as 320×256. Compared to computers today, the processing power in your bedroom alarm clock could dance circles around the C64.

You don’t see too many Commodore computers these days. After 25 years, most people have either thrown them away or they are buried in an attic or garage. So if you want to try using Breadbox, your best bet will probably be to install a C64 emulator on your Mac or PC. We have a tutorial that will walk you through the installation of a C64 emulator if you are interested.

In the YouTube video below, Johan Van den Brande shows off his Breadbox software and loads a screen from Twitter. Skip to 2:45 if you don’t want to see the camera setup and the application loading from diskette.


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