How Danny DeVito Hilariously Joined Twitter (2009)

Twitter users got a surprise today when legendary actor Danny DeVito joined the social network. His first tweet gave us a hint on how an official Danny DeVito Twitter account will entertain his fans online.

Danny DeVito Twitter Debut: What He Wrote In His First Tweet

Savvy celebrities are starting to put some extra thought into how they join a social network. The Danny DeVito Twitter debut was very creative. In his first 140 characters on Twitter said the following:

“I just joined Twitter! I don’t really get this site or how it works. My nuts are on fire.”

Danny DeVito Twitter Debut

DeVito also recently tweeted a shirtless reverse picture of himself holding up his Twitter address.

More Celebrities Are Embracing Twitter

Twitter is starting to get more and more popular with celebrities. DeVito is just the latest actor to embrace the social network. And like most of us, DeVito doesn’t have a verified account yet.

Good luck Danny! See you online.

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