Watch Thieves Clean Out An Apple Store In Only 31 Seconds

How long does it take thieves to grab 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods? According to this security video of a smash and grab at the Apple Store in Marlton, NJ this week, all you need is four friends, a brick, and 31 seconds. Unfortunately for Apple, this is just one of many Apple Store smash and grab crimes that have taken place lately.

Apple Store Smash & Grab

Over in 31 Seconds: Apple Store Smash And Grab

By the time Apple’s security guard was able to run over to the entrance and investigate the sound of the breaking glass, the robbery was already over.

The thieves obviously knew what they were doing. They patiently waited for the security guard to walk away on his rounds before smashing through the plate glass door. They then rush the store, split up, grab as much as they can carry and get out in just half a minute.

Via methodshop

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