Wow! Wall Street was thrilled with Apple’s new product announcements. Today Apple stock reached $208, its all time high.

Apple Stock Hits New Highs (2009) 1
A lot of people are probably wishing they bought Apple stock earlier this year. So how much would you have made from Apple stock if you bought it for $12 in 1997? Sayam from did the math.

“…$1,000 invested in Apple stock in 1997 is worth more than $70,000 now. And $10,000 – the kind of sum that professional investors typically put into company stock — is worth a cool $700,000 — almost enough money to buy a house in posh Palo Alto where Steve Jobs lives.”

Steve Jobs personally owns 5.4 mil shares of AAPL. So how much did he make today? You can do that math yourself.