Apple Acquires Music Streaming Service LaLa

Apple Buys Lala

minted methodshopLooks like Apple did a little Christmas shopping on their own. Over the weekend, news broke that Apple acquired the streaming music service and store Lala.

We’ve been using Lala for awhile now and love it. Do you like to listen to music at work using iTunes? We got sick of trying to sync our music libraries at both home and work. Lala allows you to upload all your music and listen to it anywhere via a web browser. Let’s hope Apple’s plans on including this feature in a new version of iTunes.

minted methodshop

However, in addition to being bale to upload your music to Lala, you can also purchase streaming “web” versions of songs with unlimited listening for $0.10. We didn’t purchase many Lala’s web songs, but users who did may get upset. According to TechCrunch, “it’s unlikely that the innovative deals negotiated by Lala will survive through the acquisition… If the deals with the music labels go up in smoke, Lala may lose the right to stream those songs. In other words, all the money users have been spending on web songs may go down the drain.”

No one is exactly sure what Lala’s future is with Apple. Let’s hope Apple extends the streaming music deals already in place with Lala and integrates their engineering talent and technology with the end users in mind

Hat tip to GizmosForGeeks and TechCrunch