Why it’s better to lose your iPhone in the UK vs. the US

Why it's better to lose your iPhone in the UK vs. the US 1Did you get a gadget gift like an iPhone, Kindle or GPS this holiday season? Make sure you keep your eye on it. Thousands and thousands of gadgets are stolen every year. 12,000 laptops alone are lost or stolen from US airports every week.

So what do you do when your precious gadget is stolen? Unfortunately devices like GPS units and Amazon Kindles can’t be easily tracked. Special software, like the application Undercover, can help you track your laptop or iPhone, but you have to pay for this software and install it in advance.

So what happens if your phone gets stolen and you haven’t already signed up for a software tracking application like Undercover? Unfortunately US residents are kinda screwed. In the United States, all a thief has to do to take over your phone is replace your SIM card. But if you live in the UK, a stolen cell phone becomes useless as soon as it’s reported to the authorities. The UK has a national stolen phone database that prevents thieves from activating stolen phones even when the SIM card is swapped out [video].

Let’s hope something like the UK system makes its way over the pond soon. In the meantime, keep a close eye on your gadgets kids.