Ziggy Marley’s Music Mixer iPhone App

Ziggy Marley brings his special mix of reggae music mixing to the iPhone.

Ziggy Marley's Music Mixer iPhone App 1Good news for reggae fans. There’s a new Ziggy Marley app for the iPhone in the iTunes Store. The app, called Ziggy Marley’s Music Mixer, allows users to mix tracks, break beats and create their own dub sounds.

Ziggy Marley's Music Mixer iPhone App 2Ziggy Marley's Music Mixer iPhone App 3
There are also a couple features that take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer feature. Just select one of these options in the app and shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to make instant randomized music.

  • “Jackpot Mix” – randomly mixes different sounds
  • “DJ for Me” – picks a track and then randomly remixes interchangeable reggae riffs

You can download Ziggy Marley’s Music Mixer app from the iTunes Store here.