Apple wants iPad trademark from Fujitsu

Apple wants iPad trademark from Fujitsu 1

After years of speculation, it finally looks like we might have a name for the mythical Apple tablet. iSlate? iTablet? Nope… iPad! At least we think. BTW – what a crappy name. Reminds us of that old MADtv skit. We’re really hoping for iSlate.

Apple wants iPad trademark from Fujitsu 2The latest news surrounding the rumored Apple tablet has to deal with the trademark for the name “iPad.” Fujitsu is the current owner of the iPad trademark. According to the screen grab above (larger size here), Apple filed requests with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) several times late last year to extend the time given to oppose the trademark with the USPTO. The USPTO granted the request and extended the time to oppose to 2/28/2010 “on behalf of potential opposer Apple Inc.”

What do you think about the name iPad? Is it too close to iPod? Could it cause confusion with consumers? The Japanese can’t pronounce “a” and the Irish already say iPad when trying to say iPod.

The big Apple announcement is next week. Steve Jobs, please don’t use the name iPad!