• Twitter is growing but many users are inactive.
  • According to RJMetrics, the amount of inactive Twitter users is a major issue for the social network.

Are you on Twitter yet? Yes? Have you updated lately? No? Apparently, you’re not alone. According to a study by RJMetrics Inc., many Twitter users aren’t tweeting on a regular basis. The study found that Twitter only has 10 to 15 million active users and only 17% of the 75M registered Twitter accounts were updated this month.

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“When you look at new account registrations, no one can deny that Twitter is still growing like a rocket ship. That’s good,” wrote Robert J. Moore, CEO, and founder of RJMetrics. “However, upon closer inspection, the rate of new user sign-ups has dropped meaningfully from its peak and many new users never do anything with their accounts. That’s bad. Furthermore, the percentage of accounts sending out tweets has steadily declined over the past six months. That’s worse.”

The Impact Of Inactive Twitter Users

The inactive accounts are especially troubling for Twitter. They not only create bloat in Twitter’s systems but serve as a reminder of how Twitter failed to engage these initially interested n00b users. According to the RJMetrics report, the average Twitter user has 27 followers (down from 42 followers in August), about 25% of users have no followers at all (up from 20% last August) and upward of 40% of users only have 1 to 5 followers. The study also noted that about 80% of all Twitter users have tweeted less than 10 times.

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