Terrible 1980s Pick Up Lines

Let's let these 80s hunks speak for themselves.....

Does your significant other complain that you’re not “romantic” enough? Perhaps this dating video from the 1980s might help set them straight.

After coughing up a few of these terrible pick up lines, simple everyday conversation like “Please pass the salt” will sound romantic.

Here are some of our favorite lines from the video. Enjoy!

  • I’m an executive by day and wild man by night.
  • Hi my name is Phil. Most of my good friends call me big Phil.
  • I’m not afraid to get sand on my Tuxedo.
  • I do fashion photography.
  • I consider myself a refined valley dude.
  • Who so binds to himself a joy thus a winged life destroy.
  • I’m looking for the Goddess. Are you the Goddess?
  • I’m a 25 year subscriber to both Playboy and The New Yorker.
  • At night I operate a damsel in distress hotline. I guess you’d call me at night.
  • I’m just sugar and spice and all those things that are nice.
  • I like to wear bright socks.
  • Life is a playground and I want somebody to play with.
  • I will cry at a commercial.
  • I’m interested in most phases of data processing.
  • Type A I’m not. Comfortable, caring and serious about a relationship I am.

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