You Can Cook An Egg With The Wicked Lasers Torch Flashlight

Wicked Lasers TORCH Flashlight

Wicked Lasers is a company that makes lasers that are so powerful that they can melt plastic and light matches. One of their more extreme products is a flashlight called the Wicked Lasers Torch. The Torch, according to Wicked Lasers is the “world’s brightest and most powerful flashlight and has 4,100 Lumens with an adjustable high-efficiency reflector.” Let’s put that in perspective. A typical flashlight is only 100 Lumens.

What Can You Do With A Torch Flashlight?

Wicked Lasers Wicked Lasers Torch Flashlight Fire

So what can you do with 4100 Lumens? There are videos of people frying eggs and burning stuff with this “flashlight.” Why you would want to cook an omelet with a flashlight is beyond me, but it’s nice to know you could. Here’s a full review of the Wicked Lasers Torch and several demonstration videos of stuff being burned to a crisp.

The Brightest “Flashlight” on Earth

The Wicked Lasers Torch is being considered by The Guinness Book of World Records for the record of being the brightest and most powerful “flashlight” on the planet. Exactly how bright is the Wicked Lasers Torch? 4,100 lumens!!! To help put that number in perspective, your standard household flashlight is under 100 lumens.

Wicked Lasers: Light Test
Take that kitchen counter!

NERD NOTE: A unit of measurement of the amount of brightness that comes from a light source. Lumens define “luminous flux,” which is energy within the range of frequencies we perceive as light. For example, a wax candle generates 13 lumens; a 100-watt bulb generates 1,200 lumens; a Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight generates 4100 lumens.

To keep the front lens of the Wicked Lasers Torch from shattering from the intense heat, Wicked Lasers uses a special heat resistant glass. Please keep your body (especially your eyes) away from the beam and the hot lens. The Wicked Lasers Torch is so powerful that it can cook an egg. Seriously, the Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight can cook an egg. We’re not kidding. Watch this video below and try to imagine what the Wicked Lasers Torch could do to your bare skin.

Unpacking The Wicked Lasers Torch

When you first unpack the Wicked Lasers Torch from its shipping container, you should find the following:

The Wicked Lasers Torch: Technical Specs

The Wicked Lasers Torch is about the same size as those big black flashlights commonly used by Police officers. The technical specs for the Wicked Lasers Torch are listed below.

Lamp Output:4100 Lumens with an Adjustable High-Efficiency Reflectortorch
Dimensions:57mm x 230mm
Power Supply:12×2/3A 1500mAh Cells 14.4V
Battery Lifetime:15 Minutes
Bulb Type:100W Halogen
Expected Bulb Life:2000 Hours
Casing:Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Tail switch:On/Off Button
Warranty:6 Months

Wicked Lasers Torch Battery

The Wicked Lasers Torch comes in 2 boxes. One box is the actual Torch flashlight. The second box is the charging system. The Wicked Lasers Torch needs power. A lot of power.

The halogen light bulb inside the Wicked Lasers Torch is rated at a ridiculously strong 100 Watts and requires a custom made rechargeable battery to power it. Don’t lose this battery. As a test, we put a couple of standard D sized batteries inside the Wicked Lasers Torch. The D batteries barely made the Wicked Lasers Torch’s bulb glow. You should only use the custom Wicked Lasers battery that comes with your Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight.

Wicked Lasers Torch Charging Tips

Here’s how to properly charge the Wicked Lasers Torch’s battery:

  1. Find a standard AC outlet, but do NOT plug in the charging cable yet.
  2. The charging system has a switch that allows you to toggle between 1.8A and 0.9A. Never use 1.8A. Never. Always use 0.9A!!! If you use the wrong setting, you will ruin your Wicked Lasers Torch battery and void the warranty
  3. Fasten the heat sensor to the center section of the battery. You can use tape, a rubber band or even a hair band like in the image belowheat sensor
  4. The charging system for the Wicked Lasers Torch has a red and a black cable with magnetic tips. Hook the red cable to the “nipple” end of the nipple
  5. Hook the magnetic end of the black cable to the backside of the battery. If your sense of humor is as childish as mine, then an easy way to remember this is “Nipples are red. Back in black.” It doesn’t exactly make sense but it works. Email us if you come up with a better way to remember this
  6. Double check all your connections, then plug the AC cable into a power outletplug in AC outlet
  7. After a few moments, the light on the charging system should light up RED. Your battery will need ~30 minutes to fully charge. DO NOT OVERCHARGE YOUR BATTERY. charge
  8. When the light on the battery pack turns GREEN, your battery is charged and ready for use. charging
  9. Unplug the charging system from the AC outlet.charging
  10. Unhook the battery
  11. Take the battery and slide it inside the bottom of the Wicked Lasers Torch nipple side first. Then screw on the bottom cap.
  12. A fully charged battery will last for about 15min. Only use your Wicked Lasers Torch in 2 or 3-minute intervals. Then give the Wicked Lasers Torch a couple of minutes to rest before using it again.

The first few times you charge and use the battery, your Wicked Lasers Torch won’t last the full 30 minutes. The battery needs to condition itself first.

Torch Usage Tips

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight.

  • torchWhen igniting objects with your Wicked Lasers Torch, do it outside and away from flammable materials. A BBQ grill is a perfect spot to experiment with your Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight
  • If the lens gets dirty, wait until it is room temperature before you clean it with a slightly damp cloth. Never use a cold wet towel to clean a hot lens or the lens may crack or shatter
  • Take the battery out of the Wicked Lasers Torch when not in use. The last thing you want is for it to accidentally turn on while it’s stored
  • Don’t overcharge the battery or it may leak or fail to function
  • Keep the Wicked Lasers Torch away from moisture
  • When charging the battery, place it on a heat resistant surface like a stone kitchen countertop.


Room For Improvement


There are a few improvements Wicked Lasers could make for the next generation Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight. All modern rechargeable batteries for devices like laptops or the iPhone are smart enough to not overcharge themselves. The next charging system for the Wicked Lasers Torch should be smart enough to automatically turn itself off if the user accidentally leaves the battery charging longer than 30 minutes. And having a high powered flashlight that only lasts 15 minutes is pretty annoying. The ability to dial down the power and make the Wicked Lasers Torch last longer would definitely make it more practical. But if you are buying the Wicked Lasers Torch, then you probably just want to burn stuff in your backyard and impress your friends.

NERD NOTE: The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Final Thoughts On The Wicked Lasers Torch

Wicked Lasers Torch Flashlight

The Wicked Lasers Torch is an amazing product. Wicked Lasers really spared no expense when manufacturing the Wicked Lasers Torch. 100 Watt bulbs. Spare fuses. A heat resistant lens. Hell, even the casing is made from aerospace grade aluminum. That’s right. Not cheap recycled beer or soda can aluminum. Aerospace aluminum. They make airplanes out of the same aluminum used to make the Wicked Lasers Torch

torch flashlight

In addition to being a Guinness Book of World Records contender for the brightest flashlight in the world, the Wicked Lasers Torch might also be the most dangerous. Treat the Wicked Lasers Torch with as much care and caution as you would a lighter or a book of matches. When you turn on your Wicked Lasers Torch flashlight, it’s basically the same as lighting a match. Be careful. Be safe. And don’t burn down your house

Owning a flashlight that can cook eggs, light cigarettes and melt plastic isn’t exactly practical, but it sure is fun. Who knows, maybe in a few years the guys at Wicked Lasers might invent a real lightsaber. I can almost see the newspaper headline now… “Thousands Burned at Star Wars Convention when Light Saber Battle Reenactment Gets Personal.”

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