Hootsuite Releases New Team Features

minted methodshopOh Hootsuite, we can’t even begin to count all the reasons why we love you. But the team tools you announced today are just amazing.

If you haven’t tried Hootsuite yet, then stop reading this article and go sign up for an account now. Hootsuite allows you to add all your social media accounts (Facebook Profiles, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.) into one easy to use dashboard.

Once you add all your accounts to Hootsuite, you can then do all the normal stuff you might do like reply, post, and shorten links. But Hootsuite also allows you to post the same message to multiple accounts, schedule posts, track clicks, import RSS feeds and as of today, add additional team members to help you manage your accounts.

minted methodshop
The best part about Hootsuite is the price… it’s FREE. Even if you are just helping manage a few family members accounts you will find Hootsuite a lifesaver. You can read more about these Team features on the Hootsuite blog.

Here’s a snapshot of all the new Hootsuite Team Management features:

  • Invite other HootSuite users to share your Social Networks
  • Request access to someone else’s Social Network
  • Assign Team Members advanced permissions
  • Add RSS feeds to any Social Network you have access to
  • Consolidate all your HootSuite accounts

You can read more about the reactions to these new tools at Hootsuite.com.