With $800 Mil in 2009, Facebook Finally Turns a Profit

Though it’s common knowledge that it takes a while for businesses to turn a profit, it’s hard to believe that Facebook, with over half a billion users, is just now making bank. Sure enough, 2009 was the year of in-the-black, Reuters reports. With somewhere near $800 million coming in the past year — due to a 400% ad revenue increase!! — the social networking giant is flying high. This is great news for Facebook, obviously, and not so great for (former) competitors. AOL announced today that it’s selling it’s once-promising social network property, Bebo, to Criterion Capital Partners. Those in the know guess it won’t fetch more than $10 million bucks.

minted methodshop

Seems like it’s still a Facebook world. Can’t help but wonder what’s next to keep Mark Zuckerberg‘s phenomenon on top…

Photo courtesy of aresauburn via Flickr.