A reader slapped our wrists, and with the help of a social media rally, made her mark on the methodshop archives. In the technological age, one person really can start a movement overnight.

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With the one year anniversary of his death coming up next week, a surge of bloggers and fans are defending Michael Jackson, that magnificent, ultimately misunderstood, musical genius — and Methodshop readers are no exception. In fact, we’re pretty sure his #1 Fan is none other than Lulu Kordzaze, a passionate MJ devotee who successfully schooled us in exercising sensitivity by whipping together a petition to take down an old Methodshop post listing the most inappropes Jacko jokes on the Web. We want to give a shout out and some kudos to her gusto, gumption and rapid mobilization. She’s a one-woman testament to the power of social media, and we’ll do our best to make it up to her with some upcoming supportive posts, wisecrack-free.

Korzaze isn’t the only one defending the icon and idol’s honor as of late.  Just a few days ago, Charles Thompson published a searing and eye-opening piece in the Huffington Post titled “One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History,” about allegations against the still-reigning King of Pop that fueled writers’ fact-twisting fight for readership. Just two days ago a judge set the trial date for Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray, whose liberal prescriptions likely led to an untimely death. And with brother Randy Jackson admitted to a hospital today, buzz of Michael’s family relationships will surely start up again.

Read the original-post-turned-Kordzaze-success-story and add your own cry of support to the article. And please leave suggestions/comments here for which feel-good MJ stories deserve a post in the upcoming anniversary tribute week! We’ll do our best to cover them and pay retribution for tasteless (if sometimes bone-tickling) humor.