Columbia Pictures Predicting Facebook’s User Growth In Movie Poster

Columbia Pictures Predicting Facebook's User Growth In Movie Poster [pic]

minted methodshopCan a movie poster predict the future of Facebook‘s user growth? The marketing folks at Columbia Pictures think so… or they have some insider information.

Last week, the official movie poster for “The Social Network,” Aaron Sorkin‘s movie adaptation about the rise of Facebook, was released.

The poster features a photo of actor Jesse Eisenberg (who is playing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg), with a controversial line of copy that says “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

Why the controversy? Facebook hasn’t publicaly disclosed that they have 500M users yet. The last official update from Zuckerberg has the social networking site at 450M users as of May 2010.

Do the marketing folks at Columbia Pictures know something we don’t?  Does Facebook already have 500M users? Will they by the time the movie hits theaters in Oct? What do you think?