Is anyone else getting really bored with Foursquare? I barely bother to check-in anymore. Mayorships, specials, tips… whatever. Badges? The last time I earned a real badge that didn’t have a lame corporate logo on it was before stupid Bravo ruined the whole badging process earlier this year. So what’s left? How can we make Foursquare fun again? How about some dirty “Your Mom” jokes with a twist? Here are 10 dirty Foursquare mom jokes.

dirty foursquare your mom jokes

Top 10 “Foursquare Your Mom” Jokes

  1. I just ousted Your Dad as Mayor of Your Mom.
  2. I just checked into Your Mom (w/ 2 others).
  3. You know what’s Trending Now? Your Mom.
  4. Your Mom wants me to be friends with Your Dad on Foursquare… so I know when he’s out of the house.
  5. Whenever Your Mom is close, Fousquare tells me there’s a Special Nearby.
  6. I just checked into your mom and left a few tips for the next group.
  7. Congratulations. I just unlocked the Newbie, Jet Setter and Swarm Badge, on your Mom.
  8. You want to know where my friends are? Ask Your Mom.
  9. Badges… ? Who cares. I just unlocked Your Mom.
  10. _____________________

Please help us add to this list. Post your dirty Foursquare jokes below…