YouTube Star Nick Afanasiev Has America’s Longest Tongue

Nick Afanasiev

Breaking news! YouTube star Nick Afanasiev now holds the title of the America’s longest tongue. At 3.5 inches (out of his mouth), the appendage has become a bit of a sensation among YouTube connoisseurs. And though I’m hoping Gene Simmons challenges his measurements, “experts” agree he’s the US’s reigning champ. (Stephen Taylor —no, not Tyler, as in Aerosmith Steven Tyler — of the UK made  the world record with 3.86 inches.)

Things You Can Do with A Long Tongue

Perks of the 20-year-old thespian’s endowment include eyeball-licking and tongue-texting. And based on the comments on his YouTube page, his female fans have other ideas for his tongue.

Nick’s tongue is definitely an attention grabber. Perhaps Apple could hire him as a distraction against the iPhone 4 antenna reception problem drama.

More Strange World Records

In case you’re curious, here are some other very important world records that you shouldn’t miss:

And now you know.

Tonguing Open Doors In Hollywood

Incidentally, Fox 5 San Diego reports that “Afanasiev said he hopes his tongue will help him gain more exposure on television and further his acting career.” Watch for him on a marquis near you.

Learn More About Nick Afanasiev

You can see more at Nick Afanasiev’s YouTube channel, TongueBoyNick.