In a bold move, the Canadian Tourism Commission is letting ordinary folks promote the country for them. It’s a great idea, but will it work?

Canadians Promoting Canada

Canada just launched a very original advertising campaign on Twitter encouraging US tourists to cross the border. The Next Web reports that collections of random Tweets singing Canada‘s praises are being flashed across 8′ x 10’ signs in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, making the campaign truly user-generated.

The Ultimate Canadian Vacation Contest

The Commission is running a contest in tandem with the giant interactive Twitter ads, letting Twitter followers send in their ideal Canadian vacay (meet-and-greet with South Park‘s Terrance and Phillip at a hockey game, eh?). A winner will, in fact, get a trip — whether it fits the ideal fantasy is anybody’s guess.

Check out page – @keep_exploring, named for Canada’s tagline, of course — and bonne chance with your entry. Would love to know if anyone’s seen the ads? Big city folks??

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