Digg.com Launches New Want to see the new Digg before everyone else? We’ve got some free invites to the new version of popular link aggregator Digg to give away. See below.

Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder, has obviously been hard at work. MethodShop gave up on Google Buzz and removed their social sharing buttons our site recently. But we were hoping that Digg would make a comeback. We’ve confidently left the Digg share buttons as part of our site design.


We’ve been trying the new Digg for about a week. The the new system offers some major improvements over the old Digg. The new Digg features a clean new design and is faster to use. But the biggest change is the new focus on reading news from your network of friends. You can still browse the global Top News list on Digg, but the new focus on your friend’s content feel very Facebook-like.

Test Driving the New Digg

Although we’re excited to see a lot of improvement with the new Digg.com, we’re worried that many of the new changes will alienate people like Amy Vernon in Digg’s loyal userbase. Some of the changes, like the auto-submit via RSS feed, kill the community-based curation that made Digg so great.

We’re also interested in hearing what you think of the new Digg, and what you want from brands trying to be a part of the new features. Let us know in the comments below.

MethodShop has some free invitations to join the new Digg before the official launch. Everyone who claims a free invite will automatically start following methodshop. First come, first served. Good luck! Click here to claim an invitation to the new Digg:
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