Puppy Tweets, Cute and Sweet

minted methodshop

minted methodshopCo-dependent puppy parents … your anxiety cure has arrived. Presenting: Puppy Tweets! The high tech collar accessory will send an urgent message to a USB attachment on your computer, which will, in turn, update your pet’s Twitter feed (you heard me right) and let you know just what’s happening when you’re away.

It picks up on barks (“I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing and OOOOOWWWWWWCCCHHHHH!” one user reports) as well as lulls in motion suggesting naptime (“Guess what? I snored so loud I scared myself awake! I crack me up!”)

It’s certainly not dead accurate — doggie mind-reading translator devices have yet to hit the shelves — but it’s cute. And it’ll make you rest easy at work while wondering what Rover is up to. Or, rather, wondering if Rover is barking or not. Which could induce anxiety as to whether an intruder is on the prowl, if excessive yapping ensures. Which could make Puppy Tweets a whole new reason to worry.

Still, it’s cute — and that’s what counts.

Photo courtesy of Mattel.