Samsung Scores a Viral Winner on YouTube with ‘Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance’

Charming ad becomes an instant YouTube hit.

methodshopCongratulations Samsung. Your video “Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance” has gone viral.

Like most viral marketing videos, the ad for the Samsung Galaxy 580 smartphone is a trick. Most people will start watching thinking it’s just a video of a cute girl dancing. There’s nothing to indicate otherwise. The video wasn’t uploaded to Samsung’s official YouTube account. Instead it was posted on a generic account with a simple description that said “Let yourself dance freely. Be your own style. You never know who might be watching!” And shaking one-shot shooting style leads the viewer to believe that it’s user generated content.

“Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance”

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Samsung’s viral video for “Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance.”

How Samsung Could Have This Video Better

Rewatch the video if you haven’t already. There’s a lot to look at. It’s amazing how much of the set was fake. Look for things like the extra actors, the party truck, the rocket people up in the sky and the old lady in the chair who only moves once at the end.

The agency behind “Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance” is The Viral Factory. It’s a great ad. Almost as good as the Coke Happiness Machine. But “Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance” could have been a lot better.

My biggest criticism is how quickly the viewer’s suspension of disbelief disappears. An attentive viewer will notice how the first two women to join the dance learn the moves too fast. After a brief moment, they are already moving like professional dancers. That moment kills the illusion and you immediately know you’re watching an ad. But “fake” reality indicators still continue to happen including the mom talking to the girl and the person walking in front of the camera. The big reveal should be the opening of the dance studio wall. If the creators had maintained the “reality” part of this ad just a little longer, it would have been much better.