Happy Birthday to the ATM

Mark your calendars. Today, September 9th, is the 41st birthday of the automated teller machine (ATM). So if you find yourself at the ATM today snatching up a wad of twenties, then feel free to sing happy birthday and let your fellow bank members know how you feel.

Nice ATM
Nice ATM (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s some random ATM trivia. Enjoy!

  • There are 2 ATMs in Antarctica.
  • The first back machine in the United States was installed in 1939. It was removed 6 months later due to non-use.
  • ATM customers spend an average of 20 to 25% more than non-ATM customers.
  • Bank ATMs average 6,400 transactions per month.
  • The most popular day for ATM usage is Friday.
  • Retail location ATM machines that dispense $20 bills increase store sales by over 8%.
  • John Shepherd-Barron (Scotland), Luther George Simjian (USA) and Don Wetzel (USA) are the inventors of the ATM.
  • ~240 new ATMs are installed per day worldwide.
  • Since first ATMs were offline devices not connected by a computer network, banks only gave ATM access to card holders with good banking records.
  • 16 mcg of cocaine can be found on every US bill in circulation.

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