Steve Jobs Re-Introduces Apple… While Wearing Shorts

Steve JobsClose your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine a world where Apple isn’t the pinnacle of tech toys and chic machines. Imagine a Steve Jobs who was forced to rally consumers to believe in his floundering company.

…And a Steve Jobs in cargo shorts. And what appear to be Teva sandals.

Now snap out of it and make peace with the fact that 13 years ago, said circumstances (and wardrobe) were, indeed reality. The New York Times uncovered this vintage Jobs video, where he launched the “Think Different” campaign that would start the company’s climb (and subsequent skyrocket) toward the top. Stock value has since grown, oh, 60-odd times, from $4 to $241 since 1997.

Today (or, specifically, yesterday), Jobs still owns the stage and inspires the masses — though he’s graduated to jeans, a casual cool choice. You’ve come a long way, Apple.

Photo courtesy of Sigalakos via Flickr.


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