Michael J. Fox Goes Back to the Future Again

minted methodshop

Oh em gee. This is awesome.

Michael J. Fox is already a generation’s hero — and I’m not even talking about his tireless work funding Parkinson’s research through his Michael J. Fox Foundation. Nope, I’m referring to Marty McFly, that opposite-of-Alex-P-Keaton time traveling icon from the ’80s, that 1.21 gigawatt fueled sex symbol, that Johnny B. Goode guitar soloist who rocked our pre-teen worlds … Need I go on?

Well, this year, the original Back to the Future turns 25 years old, and with clock tower intact after a major Universal Studios 2008 fire, there’s celebrating to be done. For it’s silver anniversary, Fox stepped out from behind his advocacy post and slipped into the DeLorean DMC-12 that rocketed him to pop culture immortality, recreating the original trailer for BttF. Below, both versions, to satisfy your nostalgia and fuel your love of MJF.

1985 Version

2010 Version