Tired of boring airline safety demonstrations? You’re not alone. Most passengers (myself included) ignore the flight attendants and bury their heads in the in-flight magazines. But these fine flight attendants at Cebu Pacific Airlines have a new tactic to capture passengers’ attention. As if a trip to the Philippines wasn’t enough, passengers get a little Lady Gaga and Katy Perry dance routine to help kick off their trip.

Ignoring Airline Safety Demonstrations

Unfortunately most passengers never pay attention to the safety demonstrations. Blame it on our short attention spans. It must be insulting and obnoxious to have all eyes lower to magazines or cell phones the minute those seat belt and oxygen mask props make an appearance.

Airline Safety Demonstration Props
It must make flight attendants want to throw those stupid buckles at us. Or mutter something about karma. They never seem especially pleased to be going through the motions unappreciated. They probably wish a pre-recorded flight attendant on a TV screen did the dirty work.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Dancing Flight Attendants

How can you not pay attention to the beautiful ladies at Cebu Pacific Airlines dancing?They’ve definitely captured the attention of the passengers.

But I have to say I’m slightly disappointed in audience reaction. Am I wrong or do these ladies deserve a standing ovation? Their professionalism rivals another Grammy-worthy act: the flight attendant rapper who tore it up last year. It ain’t easy keeping it original and fun up in the friendly skies. And these aren’t your average amateur comedians highjacking your attention with a microphone and bad jokes. These are dazzling pretty-much-professionals who deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T.