Apparently spelling is not a job requirement for McDonald’s employees. Here’s a really embarrassing instance of a missing “g” from a sign outside a McDonald’s. The sign obviously should have read “Try an ANGUS Snack Wrap” not an “Anus” wrap.

McDonald's Anus Snack Wrap

What makes this Angus spelling FAIL even more unfortunate, is it’s happened before and continues to happen again and again around the world. Not only is it a massive fail, but it’s a complete advertising nightmare.

anus burger
McDonald’s New “Anus” Burger
100% Delicious “Anus”
mcdonalds anus burger
The “Anus” Burgers Are Here!
mcdonalds anus typo
Big Apple, Meet Big “Anus”.
mcdonalds anus wrap
New “Anus” Snack Wrap Only $1.99
anus burger
Tray A Bacon and Cheese “Anus” Burger.

We can’t tell if these anus fails are from funny McDOnald’s employees, vandals or people who just can’t spell. Maybe a combination? What do you think?

Via methodshop