Cigar Guy Steals Spotlight from Tiger Woods at Ryder Cup and becomes an Internet Meme

Cigar Guy

Move over, Sad Keanu, and Double Rainbow Hiker! There’s a new meme in town.

A couple of days ago, a photographer nearly met his maker while snapping pics of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup. Instead, Mark Pain came away with the masterpiece above, complete with a speeding bullet golf ball aimed right at the lens. As many savvy fans quickly pointed out, however, Pain’s imminent, er, pain isn’t even close to the highlight of the pic. May I direct your attention to the right, please.

minted methodshop tipped me off to a quickly circulating Cigar Guy meme (as he’s becoming known) — because, really, it’s more fun if this dude is omnipresent at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales than watching shamed Tiger do his thing.

minted methodshop

Reditt gets full credit, though it’s begging for your Photoshop enhancement. Perhaps something like this?

minted methodshop

I sense some versatility here and would love to see where Cigar Guy meme could take us. Perhaps he’ll be as well-traveled as the Sad Keanu memes that just don’t get old. Incidentally, Keanu recently got wind of the online phenomenon he unwittingly inspired, and said this: “Well, it sounds like harmless, good clean fun.”

Now go have fun, Photoshop masters.

Photos courtesy of Daily Mail, Reditt and MSNBC.