Hennessey VD2BLK Video Spy Watch [review]

minted methodshop

methodshop Whether you’re building a legal case around your harassing a-hole boss or just spying on a foreign diplomat, the Hennessey VD2BLK video camera watch will be invaluable to your efforts.

This slick James Bond-style “watch” has a hidden camera lens near the ‘2’ on watch face that can record 15 FPS (frames per second) AVI videos at 352×288 onto its 2GB internal memory card.

Cool right? The best part? The price. The Hennessey VD2BLK is only $75 on Amazon.com. Go capture an “off the record” conversation or spy on someone you hate. Happy holidays!

minted methodshop
The Hennessey VD2BLK is part of the @methodshop Gadget Gift Guide. We’ve rounded up the best gadget gifts money can buy. There’s something for everyone. From tiny magnetic stocking stuffers to $300 flashlights that can light cigarettes. We’ve hand-selected some of the most popular gadgets this holiday season and organized them into a little interactive shopping list.