Ever have trouble finding memorable gifts for your friends and family? One online store you should definitely check out for the creative photographer in your life is Photojojo.

The Best Photo Shiz Anywhere

Photojojo’s online store is a godsend for photography lovers and anyone that appreciates having something not bought in a shopping mall. The store prides itself that it “finds the best photo shiz anywhere” and I’d have to agree. It stocks the latest in instant cameras, accessories and has even added apparel to its collection.

Shopping With A Smile

Two of my recent favorites are their Camera Strap t-shirt and Lens Bracelet, which is just like a Livestrong but way cooler (and geekier). It’d take forever for me to say why I love this company but they’re great at what they do. They also don’t take themselves too seriously. Product descriptions are playful and fun to read. Even order confirmation emails make it seem like you bought something from your best friend. Even virtual window shopping here will make you smile.

minted methodshop

minted methodshop

You can also find a book by the founder of Photojojo, AMIT GUPTA, online at Photojojo!: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas and Photojojo online at stores like Amazon.com.minted methodshop