Fans Recreate Iceland Dance Party Viral Video

Fans Recreate Iceland Dance Party Viral Video ... Oh Iceland. You’ve had some tough times lately. Despite your economic collapse and Eyjafjallajokull‘s volcanic ash disrupting air travel for the entire world this summer…  you still make us laugh. The Iceland Dance Party video by the Icelandic Board of Tourism is genius.

Your citizens obviously loved the video too. The fan recreation is even better than the original! It makes us want to get all Sigur Ros naked and run around the hillsides.

Let’s ask our readers. Which video below do you like better? The official version from the board of tourism or the fan recreation? Please leave some comments below.

Fan Version

Board of Icelandic Tourism Version

In case you’re curious, the song used in the videos is “Jungle Drum” by Emiliana Torrini.