National UnFriend Day

Do you have Facebook friends that are completely over the top? You know, the ones that you have to hide from your news feed because they compulsively update you on every mundane event in their lives? They’ll stop at nothing to update you on every meal, every annoyance and exactly what time they are going to bed. And you haven’t spoken to them since high school. Now you have an excuse to purge them on National UnFriend Day.

Jimmy Kimmel Creates National UnFriend Day

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is tired of it and declaring November 17th National UnFriend Day to encourage weeding out the people who aren’t actually anything more than acquaintances. After all, “It’s impossible. You can’t have a thousand friends,” he says. Kimmel also believes that Facebook cheapens the meaning of a friendship.

In this YouTube video, Jimmy Kimmel goes on to cite an example of a San Diego woman with over 500 friends, whose wall is full of updates about the temperature, what tv show she’s watching this instant and acknowledgment that it is indeed the weekend. After some applause and laughter, William Shatner delivers a terse, yet hilarious public service announcement about the issue.

Will National UnFriend Day Work?

What do you think? Have you ever had to weed out people with obsessive compulsive Facebook disorder? Will National Unfriend Day fail like Quit Facebook Day did this past June?

I like Facebook and all, but I look forward to cleaning up my list of so-called friends. I like to believe I can make better use of my time than reading about how great someone’s turkey avocado sandwich was.