Are you someone that likes tracking things? Whether it be goals, calories or personal best race times, tracking just helps keep you motivated? If so, Fitbit might be for you. Fitbit is a small device that clips to clothing or a wristband and automatically helps you track fitness and sleep patterns using a 3D motion sensor.

For fitness, the device helps you keep tabs on things like the number of steps taken, miles run or calories burned. For sleep, it can help analyze how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up during the night and actual quality sleep time. Sure, it might be a little scary to know these things if you’re an insomniac, but you certainly can’t fix something without taking a look at what’s wrong.


Fitbit comes with a wireless base station where data is silently uploaded to so you can analyze your information with the help of visually appealing charts and graphs. It’s in high demand this holiday season, but at the $99 price tag I really think it makes a great gift for fitness enthusiasts and people that just love tracking numbers to improve their lives.

Fitbit is available from online retailers like Fitbit $99