ECHO Touch Gloves Let You Use Your iPhone or Droid in the Cold

echo touch gloves

echo touch glovesIs there anything worse about winter than that painful frostbitten feeling? Maybe you were just showing a little skin or maybe you removed your glove to use your phone or shuffle a playlist. Now you’re just hurting.

Well, one way to give winter the finger (your index finger that is) is by picking up a pair of ECHO’s Touch Gloves. The way these work is a fine silicon lining on the index finger tips that’s perfect for clicking and browsing on touchscreen devices like your iPhone, without having to expose your hands to the icy air.

Sure, they may not be the best choice for snowball fights or arctic expeditions, but for winter walks to and from the train or subway station, these are what you need. Your hands and fingers will thank you when you don’t need to thaw them out by the radiator.

Touch Gloves are available on Amazon because I know you’ve probably got a gift card balance to redeem from Coinstar.

Blue glove photo via Crave