If iPad Email Signatures Were Honest [pic]

minted methodshop

methodshopDo you have any major pet peeves at work or school? Maybe people leaving rotting food in the fridge or take every call on speakerphone? What about bringing Apple iPads to the bathroom? Yuck, right?

Seriously, we’re thinking about banning iPads from the restrooms here. That’s right. Listen up all you iPad owners! Leave your new fancy Christmas present on your desk.¬†Do you really think we all want to huddle around your iPad in meetings or swipe through pictures of your kids after watching you strut back and forth to the restroom everyday? Gross.

But iPhones, that’s another story. ūüėČ

What do you think? iPads in the bathroom: #1 Yeah or #2 Yuck? If you’re reading this on an iPad, please wash your hands first before posting a comment below.