Apple’s iPad Dominates Tablet Market With 87% of Q3 2010 Tablet Sales

Apple, now worth an estimated eleventy zillion dollars, obliterates the "media tablet" competition.

iPad Rules The World

Apple continues to take over the world, now dominating — nay, destroying — the tablet market, with iPad sales accounting for 87.4% of all media tablet sales in Q3 for 2010.

iPad Sales Are Hot!

If shipping 4.2 million iPads in Q3 had that huge of an effect, consider this: In the company’s 2011 Q1 earnings released today, Apple reported sales of 7.33 million tablets. This is getting out of hand…

Let’s face it, the iPads were hot right out of the gates. (Sure, there were some security snafus last summer, but those hackers just got busted. A couple of tricksters from Arkansas. Go Hogs!) Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Dell‘s Streak seem to be the biggest competitors in the media tablet category, which is to say, there’s not much competition — though I’m excited to watch those (and other) brands grow.

Sorry, e-Readers, You Don’t Count

Before you go protesting that I’ve overlooked the Kindle, stats compiled on the tablet category don’t include devices designed exclusively as e-readers. That excludes you, too, Nook.

Happy Woman Using an iPad
Jess Foami

iPad Sales Are Helping Drive Apple’s Total Value

Apple, now worth an estimated eleventy zillion dollars, shows no signs of slowing down. Analysts suspect that IDC’s official size requirement (5 to 14 inches) for “media tablet” is intended to shut out the iPod Touch since including it in the category would effectively blow every other brand out of the water.

Too late.

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