Laundry Lint Version of ‘The Last Supper’ Sells for $12k

A laundry lint version of The Last Supper just made history.

Laundry Lint Last Supper
A Michigan woman just made history. Her dryer lint version of The Last Supper just sold to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! for $12,000.

Laura Bell, a Midwestern, Bizarro-world version of Martha Stewart, took her fondness for domestic chores to a whole new level. Bell entered a competition for the Grand Rapids Art Prize in 2010 that is making headlines across the Internet. After meticulously cleaning her drier’s lint trap after each load for many months, she accumulated a bouquet of jewel-toned debris perfect for arts and crafts projects. Then, naturally, she used her lint to recreate Da Vinci’s famous Last Supper painting of Jesus and his hungry disciples.

Lint Version of The Last Supper Sells for $12,000

Though she didn’t win that competition (those judges must be blind, I tell you!), Bell got the last laugh. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum bought it for $12,000. Not bad, lady. Not bad. (Behold! The Ripley’s site has a pic of the Laundry Lint Last Supper masterpiece.) I can’t say it’s as cool as Chewbacca’s Last Supper, but hey, to each his own.